Are Vaping And Smoking Same?

In recent years, the cannabis industry has witnessed a significant rise. Not only is it because of their innate nature but also due to its minimal or no side effects. People nowadays consume natural substances for recreational, as well as medical purposes. However, there are several types and forms of ways available on the market through which one can consume cannabis or its compounds. Be it oil, tinctures, edibles, premium quality CBDfx vape pens or soothing CBD topicals – they are widely available online and offline.

Vaping, on the other hand, is one of the most popular options amid the youth of the modern age. Unlike smoking, vaporizers do not produce harmful toxic substances. Let’s do a short rundown of some of their differences to understand the difference between vaping and smoking.

Smoking produces toxic by-products.

Smoking produces toxic by-products that can be lethal in damaging your lungs. The combustion process involved in smoking can lead to several lung diseases such as lung cancer. However, vaporizers or e-cigarettes do not accommodate the combustion process. The mechanism in vapes helps in heating the substance to a specific level and does not ignite it. Such a process turns the ingredients into vapor form and helps you enjoy the substance’s actual effects. Research states that vaporizers are 95% safer than smoking natural supplements.

Vaping produces a clean taste.

While smoking, all you have to do is light the smoke or joint. Following such a process makes you realize that everything else is out of your control. You can not maintain the flavor and temperature of smoking. Moreover, it results in combustion gases that comprise 88% of non-cannabinoids. Unlike smoking, vaping has a much cleaner taste. Since vaporizers do not ignite the substance, it does not produce harmful compounds that further keeps the flavor of your supplement intact.

Vaping devices don’t get thrown.

A discarded cigarette bud is one of the most collected things in environmental clean-up. Vaping devices, however, don’t get thrown by a user due to their eco-friendly nature. The cartomizers of cannabis vape pen devices last fifteen to twenty more than cigarettes.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of consuming natural supplements like cannabis, vaping is an ideal way. With vaping, you can vape in bed, do not require an ashtray, your hair, clothes, and hands do not smell, and don’t experience burns associated with cigarettes. Since you can vape in non-smoking zones and indoors, that’s not the case with smoking. It’s a legal offense to smoke in public, so choose wisely.

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